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My blueprint provides concrete steps on how to master everyday life skills

Meet Coach Bean

20+ Years Experience Coaching Students 

Robert Bean has been working with pre-teens and teenagers for more than 20 years as a teacher, counselor, basketball coach, and executive function coach. He is a certified teacher and holds a master’s degree in School Counseling. As a high school counselor in Montgomery County, Maryland, Robert provided varied levels of support and “helped graduate” more than 900 students and families. He also coached high school basketball for 13 years and employs a supportive, empowering approach to helping students achieve their fullest potential. 

Coach Bean had a firsthand look at the skills that enable student success. From this experience and from many conversations and interviews with very successful students, Coach Bean has developed a system for any student who wants to achieve peak performance in and out of the classroom.


His system provides concrete steps on how to master everyday life skills. These consist of exhibiting a consistent work ethic, effectively managing time, creating a system of organization and sticking with name a few. Coach Bean applies his system while coaching students to be better students and advising students who are tackling the college application process. Similar to mastering any skill, the more work you put into it (sweat equity), the higher the chance that you will be good at it. =

Coach Bean has the blueprint!


Who is Coach Bean?

  • Certified Teacher

  • Master’s Degree:
    School Counseling

  • High School Counselor
    Montgomery County, MD

  • High School Basketball Coach - 13 Years

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Meet Coach Bean

My Services

Virtual Meeting

Executive Function Coaching

Personalized coaching to assist students in and out of the classroom 


College Advising

One on one support to prepare for and conquer the college application process



Parent: 11th grader

Our son was paralyzed when he had to think about preparing for the SAT/ACT and college admissions process. He met Coach Bean. Our son became focused, thoughtful about how to approach his college search, and was less argumentative with his parents. Coach Bean helped to remove the stress of the process and better direct his attention to identify colleges of interest and finish his Junior year of high school strong. I would recommend Coach Bean to any high school Junior. It has been life-changing.

Parent of 12th grader

Coach Bean is excellent with executive functioning coaching. My son needed help building systems to stay organized and manage his time better. After years of trying to help him ourselves, the solution was a different voice and expert who better understood the barriers that lead to procrastination and overwhelm. As a result, his workload seemed more manageable and his grades improved. Thank you Coach Bean!

Parent: 9th grader

Coach Bean has been extremely helpful and effective in assisting our son with his transition to high school. He has helped him to stay organized and to develop strong study habits and time management skills. The tools and guidance that Coach Bean provides is not just for high school and college – they will benefit our son for the rest of his life.

Student, Class of 2021

Coach Bean really helped me through the college admissions process. While I felt like I could stay organized I had no clue where to start and had a lot of anxiety around applications. With help from Coach Bean I got ahead of the application tasks and gained confidence. Coach Bean made sure I felt supported through the process and celebrated with me when I got into my top choice University!

Parent: 9 thru 12 grade

Our family worked with Mr. Bean- 3 boys, 4 years each as their counselor. I can say with confidence that Mr. Bean is not only resourceful about higher education needs and options, but approaches each student with the kind of customized focus and compassionate care that leads to success both inside and outside of the classroom. His insights and ability to advocate for his students are incredible, and he is a valued team member on any family's academic path.

Student, Class of 2021

In the beginning of this year I struggled to stay on task. Coach Bean gave me the support I needed in school to get back on track. More than that he helped me learn and reach out to the colleges I wanted to apply to, as well as helping me plan and schedule when I should do my essays. I 100% recommend Coach Bean to any students looking for help with the college admissions process.

Student:12th grader

Mr. Bean was a huge help for me towards the end of my high school years. He found creative ways to help me motivate myself. Whenever something didn’t seem to work out, he always seemed to have a new idea for me to try and he never gave up.

parent of 12th grader

Having already gone through the college application process with our older son, we knew that our younger son would benefit from having someone other than his parents to steer him through this complicated process. Coach Bean was a terrific fit with our son. He provided guidance as he developed his list of schools, wrote his essays, and filled out the applications. Coach Bean kept him on track and reduced all our stress levels. Our son was accepted at 9 out of 10 of the schools he applied to, and we could not recommend Coach Bean more highly!!

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