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What is Executive Function Coaching?

As an Executive Function (EF) Coach, Coach Bean teaches and reinforces academic and life skills to middle and high school students. The coaching is done virtually with the student. EF coaching is intended for bright, highly capable students who have difficulty or are overwhelmed with the challenge and rigor that school presents on a daily basis. Coach Bean works with students who have challenges in organization, time management, task initiation and task completion. He also works with students who could simply use another influential adult in their lives to provide consistent guidance and advice in their quest to maximize their potential. Coach Bean does not provide tutoring on the subject matter of a specific class (such as math or English), but he does have a system that will help students master the content of their classes. 

Who would benefit from coaching?

Many bright students need direct coaching and consistent follow-up to achieve success in and out of the classroom.


Coach Bean's system is ideal for students who:

  • have executive functioning challenges

  • need a more robust plan to excel on tests and long range assignments

  • lack direction and focus in and out of the classroom 

  • want to maximize their potential

  • tend to procrastinate

  • spend too much time on screens

  • are overwhelmed with the rigors of day to day academic life

What is the role of the parent?

Coach Bean includes parents in the process of improving their child’s performance. Parents may take on one or more of the following roles:


  • Assess whether their child will be coachable (effective coaching needs student buy-in)

  • Help select goals and monitor progress

  • Work in tandem with Coach Bean to reinforce and support coaching concepts

  • Regularly consult with Coach Bean via email, phone, and text

Scope of work:

  1. Free 30 minute consultation to determine whether EF Coaching is a good fit.

  2. Identify goals and establish coaching schedule (the length of coaching time varies greatly and is dependent on the age of the student, their needs, and their willingness to be coached).

  3. Virtual one on one EF coaching done via Skype/Zoom. 

  4. Weekly communication between Coach Bean, child, and/or parents will occur outside of the regular sessions via text, phone, and email.

Personalized  Support

Helping students to become more independent, productive, and efficient. 

Executive Function Coaching

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