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College Advising

What is College Advising?

Families hire Coach Bean to provide additional support with the college selection and application process beyond the services they receive from their child’s high school. His support, whether it’s a few hours of application work or guiding a student through the entire process, is customized, structured, student-centered, and goal oriented.


Personalized  Support

help your student become more aware

of their strengths, interests and values 

Why hire Coach Bean?

As a former public high school counselor for 14 years, Coach Bean provided comprehensive support to more than 900 students and families through the process of applying to college.  In addition to working with students and families directly, he also took time to have conversations with college admission representatives who visited his school to speak to the students. The information he gained from these conversations provided a first-hand look into the many variables that colleges consider when choosing their incoming first-year students. This enables Coach Bean to accurately assess and advise his students as prospective college candidates. He helps students reflect their “best self” on their applications. 

Scope of work:

Coach Bean's college advising service caters to the specific needs and goals of the students. Dependent upon when students begin working with Coach Bean, they will receive one or more of the following services:


  • Evaluation of the student's academic profile, their academic strengths and interests and advice on course selection

  • Evaluation of student's extracurricular profile and advice on how to enhance it

  • Advice on choosing the most appropriate standardized test and how to maximize potential planning  

  • Engage students in career readiness activities to learn more about college majors and future career options    

  • Research and identify “best-fit” colleges

  • Prepare for college visits

  • Support completing applications

  • Guidance throughout the application process​​

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